About Us

Millwood Farm is a historic country farm in Washington County, Nebraska, just north of the Omaha metropolitan area.  Beginning as a bootlegging location during Prohibition, and continuing operation during the Great Depression, the farm was purchased in the 1960s by the Millers, beginning a long chain of family ownership, farming, and gardening.  

Today, the farm produces a wide selection of hand-grown produce and decorative plants.

In 2020, during the year of the pandemic, we finished construction of a new, purpose-built greenhouse intended to provide year-round growing opportunities for our plants, as well as the ability to start our outdoor crops with the best possible environment before planting.  We recently completed work to reinforce the structure against the Midwestern winds.

In the spring of 2021, we began the planting season, utilizing the greenhouse for a wide variety of starter plants, including tomatoes and strawberries, that were transferred to fields.  We had a good crop of tomatoes and other produce, although the pumpkins and squashes experienced some limitations.

2022 was another good year for the crops, once we got out of the winter. 

In the spring 2023 planting season we planted our usual assortment of vegetables, fruits, and field grains.

Due to work on the farm, 2024 will feature fewer crops than usual, except in the fields. Preorders may be taken for select 2025 growing season crops - contact us for more details.

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